TEACHING CERTIFICATION - Moore College of Art and Design - GPA - 3.33 (cum laude)

BFA - STUDIO ARTS DEGREE - West Chester University - GPA - 3.33 (cum laude)

Teaching Experience

2008 - Chester County Intermediate Unit - Instructor - Digital Photography for Teachers (In Service)

2005 - Present - Art Teacher -Historic Yellow Springs Summer Art Camp, Chester Springs, PA

2003 - Present - Art Teacher - Stetson Middle School, West Chester, PA

2003 - Present - Art Director - Black History Assembly - Stetson Middle School

2000 - 2002 - Daily Substitute - West Chester Area School District, West Chester, PA

2000 - 2002 - Substitute Teacher - Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
Young Artists Workshop Young Artists Workshop for Students with Autism


West Chester Area School District Faculty Art Show - West Chester County Art Center - Jan/Feb 2009

Alumni Show - Mitchell Hall Gallery - West Chester University - Fall '99

Satellite Transmissions - One Person Show - Mitchell Hall Gallery - West Chester University - Spring '98

Honor Society Art Gala - Sykes Union Hall - West Chester University - Fall '97

University Donation Show - Sykes Union Hall - West Chester University - Fall '97

University Unified Arts and Theatre Show - E.O. Bull Center - West Chester University - Fall '97

Window Gallery (WCU) - Market Street - West Chester, PA - Fall '97

Learning Disciplines - One Person Show - Market Street - West Chester, PA - Summer '97

Senior Show - Mitchell Hall Gallery - West Chester University - Spring '97

West Chester Foundation Show - Harvey Green Library - West Chester University - Spring '97

Window Gallery (WCU) - Market Street - West Chester, PA - Spring '97

West Chester Foundation Show - Harvey Green Library - West Chester University - Fall '96

Window Gallery (WCU) - Market Street - West Chester, PA - Spring '95


Dean of Arts and Sciences Recognition Award - 1997

Emeritus Jack Hawthorn Award - 1997

West Chester Foundation Merit Award - 1995 - 1997


North America - United States, Canada and Mexico

Ireland - 1994 1999 2001

France - 1995 1998

Belgium - 1998

The Value of Art Education

The value of Visual Arts Education is unparalleled to other subjects within the scholastic curriculum. The subject of Art serves as the catalyst combing the cognitive and emotional regions of the learning student. Studying Art History provides a direct visual correlation to Social Studies, generating the history of mankind to come alive. The critical, abstract and technical thinking that is involved in creating works of Art produces a template of process reasoning used in the areas of Science and Mathematics. Art is the undisputed “gateway” to higher cognitive learning.
Although Art serves as the passage to higher cognitive learning, its ability to compel personal/emotional contact within an individual student is simply astonishing. When observing a work of Art, its power and intensity can tap into a feeling of movement that only one’s soul can recognize. The feeling of “movement” is proof of the catalyst of Art doing its job, unifying the thinking mind with the emotional soul. Art is truly the format that involves multiple and diverse processes for the overall developments of an individual.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe an outstanding educator is a combination of personal and professional characteristics. When these qualities are successfully unified, great strides in education and classroom instruction are possible.
Foremost, a quality educator has the natural ability, talent and instinct to teach and inspire others. It is important for every educator to have achieved mastery in their subject matter, so their comprehension can enrich the lives of others. A familiarity with the subject you teach assures answers to student questions, interest in learning and thought provoking, informative presentation. An exceptional educator will also pull from their own successes and failures, as well as life experiences, to make their instruction unique and “human”.
Outstanding leaders always present themselves with confidence and professionalism. They always demonstrate the use of good character, ethics, morals, and values. Their friendly, enthusiastic, caring demeanor brings respect, kindness and spirit into the classroom. They always set an example for their students, and serve as a role model to many.
With increased stress and demands in education, an outstanding educator is flexible, adaptable, positive, and receptive to change. Organization, efficiency, and skill balance the ever-changing variables to make for harmonious instruction.
The stars are never high enough for a quality educator. Their students are always challenged to learn and perform at a greater level of thinking. Their quest for knowledge and emphasis on higher education knows no boundaries. These educators commit themselves and their students to a life of learning.
Endless qualities define an outstanding educator, but there is a common thread that is woven through the substance of each. These characteristics provide the foundation on which to build a solid learning environment.


© 2004 Sean Duffy